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With over 600000 inhabitants, Düsseldorf is the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. It was named after the small river, the Düssel, which flows into the Rhine here. Central facilities throughout Germany, the airport, stock exchange, trade fair as well as the headquarters of many industry and trading companies are the destinations of many business customers. Art, culture and commerce such as the Rhineland way of life also arouse the interest of many visitors.

About the South of Düsseldorf
Thanks to the well-developed connections both for cars and for railways and trains, the south of Düsseldorf forms a densely populated and popular part of the city of Düsseldorf. With a large number of shops and restaurants, there is nothing left to be desired. The Heinrich Heine University and the associated University Clinic are the heart of Düsseldorf's South, especially for young people. Both the city centre and the other districts can be easily reached and thus enable stress-free progress even without a car. Those who like to explore the surroundings on foot should not miss a visit to the Südpark. This is located in the north of the district and offers a large natural landscape with many lakes and green areas. It was also the exhibition site of the Federal Horticultural Show in 1987 together with the existing Volksgarten. Also the Himmelgeister Rheinbogen and the Benrather castle offer popular destinations for long walks.

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